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Link to: 2015 PEI Environmental Groups

Blue Dot PEI -- The Right to a Healthy Environment

CassandraPEI -- Charting a Better Future for P.E.I.

A group of P.E.I. scientists who have written about the unsustainable agricultural system we are using on P.E.I. and a path away from it that retains farming and land-stewardship values.

CassandraPEI Facebook Page

"Charting a Better Future for Prince Edward Island" document (2.6Mb, viewable and downloadable here):

Democratic Rights and Participation:

FairVote Canada

LeadNow Canada

Elections PEI -- Fall 2016 Plebiscite:

Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing for natural gas extraction): group opposing it on P.E.I.

Link to "Don't Frack PEI" website

Genetically modified fish on PEI:

PEI Watershed Alliance article calling for moratorium on GM salmon

High capacity wells:

The Coalition for the Protection of PEI Water focuses on concerns regarding lifting the moratorium on high capacity wells for agricultural irrigation.

Land Use Policies

Link to PEI Government Website for the Land Use Policy Task Force information

Citizens' Alliance 2-minute PSA on the Land Use Policy Task Force

Local Food: Island Routes -- a periodic newsletter to help with finding Local food and services:

island Routes #7-2.docx

Oil and Gas Drilling in the Gulf of St. Lawrence:

The Save Our Seas and Shores-- PEI are seeking a moratorium on drilling for oil and gas in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Save Our Seas and Shores Canada media update on PEI

PEI Watershed Alliance article on drilling in the Gulf.

Provincial Energy Strategy -- 2016

Environmental Coalition's submission to the Provincial Energy Strategy

Link to ECO-PEI's final submission to Provincial Energy Strategy



Plan B: Information on the controversial PEI TransCanada Highway Project (Plan B).

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