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Table of Contents for Citizens' Alliance of P.E.I. Newsletter (formatting in progress)

Citizens' Alliance News -- Thursday, March 16th, 2023

Hello, all,

"Human equity will be found to be far

more valuable than monetary equity."

   --- Michael Reynolds, from the Global Chorus essay, below



A Celebration of Life for Kerri Wynne MacLeod livestream, 1:50PM (another notice said 2PM), broadcast from the Belvedere Funeral Home Chapel.


and the link will remain on the funeral home's website for a couple of weeks.


Leaders' Forum on Equity Issues, 3:30-4:35PM with doors opening at 3:00PM

Florence Simmons Performance Hall, Holland College Charlottetown.  Hosted by the PEI Coalition for Women in Government.

"In preparation for the 2023 PEI Provincial Elections, the party leaders have agreed to participate in a public forum to answer questions on equity issues. Audience members are invited to listen to party leaders answer questions that have been developed between a variety of community organizations.

This event is free and will be live streamed from our Facebook page."


Next Thursday, March 23rd:

Leaders' Forum on the Environment, 7-9PM, Farm Centre, 420 University Avenue, Charlottetown.  

The provincial party leaders, except Dennis King, who is sending Steven Myers, former Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Action, will be presented with questions on environmental matters from a host of organizations on the Island.   There should be time at the end for questions from the floor.

The event will be live-streamed on ECOPEI's Facebook page (but at this point the organizing committee, which is doing this on a shoestring budget, could use some help with livestreaming if someone has an adequate phone/camera)


A current list of candidates running in the provincial election:


Letter to the Editor

 from a person who often thinks of the greater good

PEI Needs Green MLAs

published on Wednesday, March 15th, 2023, in The Guardian


The provincial election has been called, six months earlier than the legislated date, and in the midst of a health care crisis, a housing crisis, a land use crisis and a climate crisis. We should instead have the legislature opening to deal with these crises.

I have been actively involved with the NDP for many years and I have high regard for the NDP of PEI and its leadership and members, but for this election it is crucial to re-elect the excellent Green MLAs who have done so much good work in our provincial legislature. 

The Conservatives (and Liberals) will no doubt be putting an extra effort into trying to defeat those Green MLAs, so the old-line parties might recapture their 'entitlement' as the 'rulers' of PEI, taking turns as tweedle dum and tweedle dee. 

In the past, those governments had very little real questioning of, or meaningful alternatives to, their policies and actions in the legislature. But when Dr. Herb Dickieson was an MLA for the NDP from 1996 to 2000, and now with Green Party MLAs, led by Peter Bevan-Baker, the governing Conservatives have been forced to pay more attention to the needs of all the people of Prince Edward Island, not just the desires of their Party supporters.

Unfortunately government actions, in spite of record levels of provincial government revenue and spending, have made a mess of our health care system, have failed to provide proper housing for vulnerable Islanders, have failed to protect the land and shores of PEI from inappropriate development, and have responded poorly to the tropical storm that devastated our Island last fall.

I urge Islanders to join me in supporting and voting for the candidates from the Green Party of PEI. We need those Green MLAs to be able to continue providing effective plans and actions to address the crises that Islanders face.

Tony Reddin,




Global Chorus essay for March 16

Michael Reynolds

Trains gather people and take them to specific destinations.

They have opened up continents and developed countries …

but they can only go where there is track.

If there is no track, the train does not go there.

The evolution of humanity on this planet has developed its own track.

Belief systems, religions, economies, political regimes, laws, codes, regulations …

all have become “tracks” to our future.

These tracks have opened up continents and developed countries …

but there is a problem …

a changing planet and a growing population have

created the need to go to places

that these tracks do not go.

There is a new frontier now …

evolution beyond the tracks.

This evolution will require that every decision made on this planet,

by any jurisdiction, anywhere,

be made with the sustenance of all the peoples and

all the animals and all the plants

in mind.

The economy, the corporations and other institutions will be placed in their rightful

positions behind the needs of the people and the planet. At this time, an

insignificant economy will emerge. This economy will be

a result of the sustenance of the people.

Human equity will be found to be far

more valuable than monetary equity.

Life will no longer float on an economy. Life will have its own wings.

     — Michael Reynolds, architect turned biotect, inventor/founder of Earthship


essay from

Global Chorus: 365 Voices on the Future of the Planet

edited by Todd E. MacLean

copyright 2014


Yours truly,

Chris Ortenburger,  

Citizens' Alliance of P.E.I.

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