About Us


The Citizens' Alliance of Prince Edward Island was formed by people who came together in 2012 to "Stop Plan B" -- a misguided, bloated highway project through a beautiful wooded and pastoral part of P.E.I. Though the government of the day ignored determined democratic opposition and creative protest and built that road, a group of Islanders forged an alliance to be a public voice for positive change...and we welcome you to join us.

We encourage active and ongoing debate regarding the choices for which we, both as individuals and as a community, must ultimately be responsible. Like any good watchdog (we were "WatchPEI" while being citizen environmental monitors of the Plan B project), we pledge to guard and warn; specifically to guard what makes the quality of life on this island so desirable, and to warn of pressures that may bring about its demise.

The purpose of this site is to build capacity for this work—to make it easier for people to bring about change by sharing resources, skills and information.

For the love of PEI…join us!

The Citizens' Alliance of Prince Edward Island

Mission Statement: Citizens’ Alliance of PEI is a non-partisan, not for profit, group of Islanders dedicated to advancing environmental rights and the democratic process.

Vision Statement:

Citizens’ Alliance of PEI recognizes the need for change in the way governments are elected and conduct business especially at it pertains to our environment and quality of life on PEI.

Transparent, accountable and responsible decision-making by governments is a necessary requirement in building trust and confidence in Islanders. Island voices need to be valued, respected and considered before governments initiate/implement policies regarding our environment and ecological sustainability.

Informed Islanders actively engaged in the democratic/political process are essential to ensuring a clean, healthy and sustainable climate for all Islanders and future generations.

The Citizens' Alliance of PEI is non-partisan and does not support any particular political party.